Lori Garcia-McCammon
Founder & Executive Director

Edward McCammon
Co-Founder & Board Member

Gabby Mendez
Lead Bilingual Client Advocate

Edmundo A. Hernandez
Peer Mentor 

Karen Benson
Wellness & Volunteer Coordinator

Maria Huizar
Bilingual Receptionist & Intake

We are True Ridge 

Coming Together to Serve, Trust and Unite
- Written by Marilyn Ball -

At True Ridge community means family. The Latino population in Henderson County is diverse and expanding. Outreach to this population, representing one of the most marginalized groups in the Western North Carolina region, is commonly lumped in with the general populace with little effort made to serve them specifically.

Lori Garcia McCammon, co-founder, and director of True Ridge is a positive force working hard to create better lives for those who share her heritage and culture. She is driving social progress, creating tangible change and making strides in advocating for people who face barriers every day.

"After years of witnessing injustices from inside the court system to do right for the Latino community, I knew God had a plan for me. My passion is to advocate for Latinos in our region so they have an effective, collective, network of services," said Garcia McCammon. "We began True Ridge with a mission educate, coordinate, advocate and provide services to everyone in our community, with a special focus on our Latino neighbors."

The climate around the Latino population has dramatically changed and it is unclear what the future will bring. Garcia McCammon is dedicated to speaking truth to power and she recognizes the importance of connecting and uniting with the Latino community. She is a passionate champion for her community and is a fierce defender of policy-making that contributes to dignity, respect, and empowerment for all.

"We must advance the dreams and aspirations for our Latino neighbors within the greater community," said Garcia McCammon. "Having resources for abuse victims, connecting people to higher education opportunities and helping promote health and wellbeing are all contributors to a better future for our neighbors."

Lori Garcia McCammon believes we can create a better world through working together, trusting each other and having faith. "Faith equals healing," said Garcia McCammon. "And hope. We are not alone. We are ALL neighbors."