Case Management & Advocacy

Coming Together to Serve, Trust and Unite
– Written by Marilyn Ball –

True Ridge is the ONLY organization that specializes in Bilingual, Culturally-Relevant Short and Long-Term CASE MANAGEMENT services to the Latinx and underserved population of Henderson and Polk Counties. Our services are provided in both English and Spanish. These include the following:

  • Providing support and Case Management to “Families Left Behind” by deportation or incarceration of the breadwinner in the family 
  • Bilingual Court Advocacy & Accompaniment 
  • Assist in filing Protective Orders for victims of abuse and domestic violence
  • Information and Referrals to community partners and attorneys
  • Act as a Liaison between the Client, Law Enforcement and the Courts
  • Assist Clients in planning for Safety and Self-Sufficiency 
  • Educating faith communities, service organizations and all interested about the  unique obstacles Latinx families face, the barriers to service & how they can help
  • Legal Immigration Consultations on Friday’s by a Licensed NC Attorney
  • Know Your Rights Education
Lori & Ed McCammon

Lori & Ed McCammon


True Ridge was founded on our belief that all individuals are entitled to freedom and the pursuit of happiness, without abuse or oppression from anyone. Through True education, support, and love for ourselves and all of our neighbors, we can bring peace and harmony to our world.

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