There are many myths about domestic violence that perpetuate a distorted vision of its nature and its causes. This list is in the starting point; We hope to motivate you to examine what they believe in respect and give them useful information about it.

Myth #1: Anger causes domestic violence.
People who use domestic violence have no more anger than the rest of us. They use anger as an excuse and justification for their behavior. We all have anger but a lot  of us do not have to express it by mistreating others.

Myth #2: People who use violence "lose control" of their temperament.
The violence is not tantamount to losing control; Rather, mistreatment consists of the abuse of power and control of one person over others. People who use violence are usually violent only with their partner or their children. Ensures that others do not find out about the abuse; They abuse behind closed doors and make sure no one talks about it. If assault physically, people who abuse often cause injury to parts of the body covered with clothing, or pull hair, or suffocate; Injuries that rarely leave obvious marks. Many aggressions last hours and many are planned.

Myth #3: Domestic violence occurs only in families of minority groups, without education or dysfunctional.
Domestic violence occurs in each demographic group, regardless of race, ethnicity, economic aspect, class, sexual on, occupation or education.

Myth #4: If a person has a problem of domestic violence truly wants to live the house, they can do it.
Anyone who considers leaving the person who mistreats him is facing risks. 65% of battered women killed by those who abused them when or after they left the house.

Myth #5: Domestic violence is a woman's problem.
Men have an important role to play in supporting women by making other men assume their responsibility, and teaching young people about relationships of respect and without violence.
*   In 2001, approximately 15% of the victims of violence between intimate couples were men.
*   Domestic violence occurs in LGBT relationships.
*   Domestic violence is the main indicator of juvenile delinquency.

Myth #6: Drugs and alcohol cause domestic violence.
Drugs and alcohol can increase the level of danger and have been present in at least 50% of domestic violence cases, however, many alcoholics and drug addicts do not do domestic violence and many people who use violence do not use drugs or alcohol. Ending the alcoholism of the person will not end the violence. People who use violence who are alcoholics or use drugs have different problems they face if they want help; Your addiction and your abusive behavior. Each problem must be treated independently.

Information is this report came from 
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