My human rights as an Immigrant Woman
I have the right to:
1. The right to refuse applications without having to feel guilty or selfish.
2. The right to express my feelings, including anger if I do not violate the rights of others.
3. The right to be competitive and executive.
4. The right to rest and be unoccupied.
5. The right to have my needs considered equal importance to the needs of other.
6. The right to decide which activities to do those needs
7. The right to do mistakes.
8. The right to be treated as a capable adult and taken seriously.
9. The right to have my options given the same consideration and respect that are given the options.
10. The right to change your mind.
11. The right to be independent.
12. The right to be "I don't know" and "I don't understand".
13. The right to get everything for which I have paid.
14. The right to ask for professional information.
15. The right to decide when I am assertive.
16. The right to have a life without mental or physical abuse; A Life without Violence.
I give myself these rights. No one else can give them to me, nor can they take them away from me. I have a responsibility to know that everyone else also has these rights.