Board Of Directors

Coming Together to Serve, Trust and Unite
– Written by Marilyn Ball –

Lori & Ed McCammon

Lori & Ed McCammon


True Ridge was founded on our belief that all individuals are entitled to freedom and the pursuit of happiness, without abuse or oppression from anyone. Through True education, support, and love for ourselves and all of our neighbors, we can bring peace and harmony to our world.

Dr. Mickey Coleman, DVM

Board Chair


Karen Benson



Damaris Cortes-Figueroa, LPCA, MS/P, NCC


Michelle Zimmer


Lori Garcia-McCammon

Lori Garcia-McCammon

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Phone: (828) 205-1170

Dr. George Pappas, ESQ PC

1st Vice Chair


Melisa Soto-Escobar


Claudia Williams


Dean Dragonetti, AES


Ed McCammon

Ed McCammon


Ada Torres



Dawn "Mia" Freeman


Tania Martin, CPA


Areli Perez


Dr. Felicia Arriaga, B.A, M.A, Ph.D


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