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Case Management & Advocacy

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At True Ridge, we understand.
We know that navigating through life's challenges can be hard, overwhelming, and exhausting,  especially when language and other barriers exist.
We are here to help. Let us walk with you and help guide you.

• Bilingual, Culturally-Relevant Short and Long-Term Case Management
• Bilingual Court  Advocacy & Accompaniment 
• Filing Protective Orders for Victims of abuse and domestic violence
• Information and Referrals to community partners
• Act as a Liaison Between the Client, Law Enforcement & the Courts
• Assist Clients in planning for Safety and Self-Sufficiency
• Educate the Community about the unique obstacles Latinos face, barriers and how they can help
• Legal Consultations: Immigration, Civil, Family and more
• Know Your Rights Education

* All of our services are offered with bilingual assistance in Spanish and English *


"I had a great time spending 15+ hours with you. You were the perfect mentor for me with the right information that I needed. You helped me figure things out for myself. Thank you for making this easy on me."
–Melanie H.
"Lo que pienso es que True Ridge es una organizacion que ayuda con mucha informacion importante que debemos saber como Latinos viviendo aqui en Estados Unidos. Ellos se enforcan mas en la Violencia Domestica y en impulsar a una persona que esta en al maltrato... Es una organizacion que lucha por el objetive de sacar del sufrimiento a la libertad a toda persona maltratada dando informacion importante y acompanandote en los momentos que mas necesitas."

"What I believe is that True Ridge is an organization that helps with a lot of important information that we should know as Latinos living here in the United States. They focus more on Domestic Violence and on encouraging a person who is suffering mistreatment... It is an organization that fights for the purpose of removing all abused people from suffering into freedom by giving important information and accompanying you in the moments that you are most in need."
–Nereida B.
"Having Lori as my mentor was a wonderful experience. She is  a very smart, caring and loving woman. I loved working with her and I hope to someday make a change just like she has in may peoples lives."
–Arlette Hernandez,
East Henderson High School
"True Ridge helped me find work, go through child custody, find transportation, get food stamps, connect to community services, and provided my daughter and I emotional support. I can't thank you enough!"
"Quiero que toda mujer sepa que con su voz pueden cambiar el mundo."

"I want every woman to know that her voice can change the world."
–Author Unknown
"True Ridge is a nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) that supports and delivers guidance to underserved families and individuals, assisting them towards self-sufficiency, independence and integration into the community. We provide direct and indirect bilingual services, advocacy and referrals for residents of Henderson and Polk counties. Our goal is to unite communities by being inclusive and proactive so that all of our neighbors know that they can count on their community in times of need. We are proud and happy to announce that we will be partnering with Dee O'Brien and 'Warming the View' program this year in Polk County, offering coats to children in need. We thank you for your generous support of this program. 
– Warming the View