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Advocacy + Case Management

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At True Ridge, we understand.
We know that navigating through life's challenges can be hard, overwhelming, and exhausting,
especially when language and other barriers exist.
We are here to help. Let us take your hand and guide you.

• Bilingual Advocacy
• Filing Protective Orders for Victims of abuse and domestic violence
• Bilingual Court Accompaniment
• Bilingual Case Management
• Information and Referrals to community partners
• Act as a Liaison Between the Client, Law Enforcement & the Courts
• Assist Clients with Short and Long Term Planning for Safety and Self-Sufficiency
• Educate the Community about the unique obstacles Latinos face, and how they can help
• Legal Advisors: Immigration, Civil, Family, Legal, and more
• Know Your Rights Education

* All of our services are offered with bilingual assistance in Spanish and English *